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Venue 1902 planning Services- allows you to have confidence your Wedding day will be the very best!

At Venue 1902, we ensure our couples truly enjoy every moment of their wedding day! We offer numerous amenities so you can sit back, relax, and take in every moment of your wedding day. From the moment you book your wedding at Venue 1902 we begin helping you along the process with suggested Vendors, local hotel recommendations and a personalized service that will help you along the way to planning your dream wedding! With our location just outside of Orlando, there are so many options for your out of town guests to do while visiting Orlando for your wedding. Let Venue 1902 exceed your expectations!

Timeline Preparation

A detailed wedding timeline is the best way to ensure your wedding day goes just how you envision! At Venue 1902, we not only help you complete your timeline, we ensure it is communicated to all of your vendors and followed on your wedding day. Our couples receive planning documents to help create the perfect day and our staff offers advice to help your day flow seamlessly from one event to the next. With our three open houses every month, this is the perfect opportunity for you to come by and work with our team to create your dream wedding!

Venue Coordinator

Did you know Venue 1902 has a Venue coordinator included in all our wedding packages? Our coordinators will run your rehearsal and ensure your wedding timeline is followed by each of the vendors on your wedding day. Our coordinators are experts in getting our bridal parties down the aisle for the ceremony and ready to celebrate with their family and friends at the reception. If you have questions

on the day of your wedding, our coordinators provide advice and suggestions to make your day memorable! Are you working with a planner? No problem, we will work with them and help them navigate our beautiful historic Venue! We all will work hard to ensure you have everything you need and more for a successful Wedding day!

Spacious Bridal Suites and Brunch Service

Our spacious bridal suites are designed with you in mind! Our couples love the large areas to gather with family and friends as they prepare to walk down the aisle in our beautiful Wedding Garden or in one of our two indoor ceremony spaces! At Venue 1902, we have thought of every detail and offer an optional brunch service for you to enjoy in your bridal suites. Let us pamper you and your bridal party with an array of tasty food selections.

Wedding Day Tips

Here are some tips from our staff and coordinators on how to help enjoy every moment of your day!

· Assign friends, family, or a wedding planner to assist with bringing items into the venue on the day of your wedding. (your job is to relax)

· Consider hiring a wedding planner if you have many small details to set-up or tear down. You can also assign friends or family members with specific tasks such as setting up décor or centerpieces. You should ENJOY your day and not worry about setting up!

· Bring your favorite music, drinks, and comfortable clothing to get ready in our bridal suites! Don’t forget we provide an excellent selection of brunch choices.

· Provide those who are helping you pictures of the look you are creating for décor and set-up.

· Once everything is set-up, make sure you set a time as a couple to look at all the details you planned! The day goes by so fast and you want to soak in every moment!

· Your Venue 1902 coordinators will be available throughout your entire event! Feel free to ask them any questions. They love being part of your wedding day.

· Remind the family and friends that you assigned to help take items at the end of the night such as gifts, leftover food and alcohol, decorations, and florals.

· Most important detail of all, is relax and enjoy every minute of your wedding day!

When you book your wedding at our venue, you instantly become party of our Venue 1902 family. You will enjoy our luxury spacious bridal suites, brunch service options, and excellent customer service from our entire Venue 1902 Team

. We love being part of your wedding day and look forward to celebrating with you!


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