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Engagement season- Venue 1902 Tips & Helpful Hints

Proposing Can be Scary- Tips and Tricks to planning an amazing Proposal!

Love is in the air at Venue 1902 as we enter engagement season! We can’t wait to celebrate your special day at our unique historical venue located in Sanford, Florida! We will walk you through planning your love story, from engagement to walking down the aisle at our beautiful venue in this informational filled blog!

Things To Consider Before Popping The Question

So you are ready to propose? Here are a few things that you should consider before dropping on one knee!

  1. The answer will be yes. Make sure you have discussed marriage before going down on one knee. While we all like a good surprise, you do not want to be the one getting the surprise. Understanding timing is everything, make sure you are both on the same page on where your relationship is.

  2. Start saving for the ring! Now that you are confident they will say yes, it is important to find out what your partner is wanting in terms of cut, setting and metal. From there you can set a clear realistic budget. A great way to find out this information is through your significant other’s friends; they can be a great source of information without spoiling the surprise!

  3. Make sure you have had a conversation with the people that matter most to your partner. You need to know what is expected and if you plan to ask for your partner's hand in marriage, who should you speak to? While tradition says it is the Dad, family dynamics might dictate an alternate plan. Maybe it is Mom who you will be asking! Whoever you need to speak with, go with a plan and make sure you are sincere.

Finding the Perfect Ring

When it comes to ring shopping, there are an endless array of styles, cuts, colors, and sizes for you to consider before you make a purchase! Why not plan a fun outing to your favorite jewelry store to get ideas with your partner and try on rings and wedding bands together? This fun date will help you narrow down the selections and is the perfect opportunity for ring sizing and measurements!

You can also ask family members and friends on their ring advice before you propose. Maybe there is a special heirloom ring in the family that can be passed down or a best friend already knows all the details of the ring your partner envisions for the proposal! If you are looking to surprise your partner, check out Pinterest or social media websites and blogs for some inspiration!

So what ring trends are projected for 2021? Double or triple the sparkle with two or three stone settings. Next up, Light blue stones and pastels such as topaz and opal will also be stepping into the spotlight as a popular trend. The simple round or oval solitaire is also back on top along with vintage inspired rings. Standalone wedding bands will also be popular in 2021 since they are more affordable than traditional bridal sets and are a fashionable statement piece.

Planning the Proposal

Just like ring shopping, there are so many possibilities when it comes to planning the perfect proposal. The most important element is choosing a proposal that is meaningful and unique for your relationship. This is a special moment and one you both will remember forever. Here are some creative ideas to consider as you plan the perfect proposal

Venue 1902 Couple Sierra & Nicholas

Proposing can be scary! However, this super awesome Venue 1902 Couple Sierra and Nicholas shared their fun proposal story with us! Sierra’s family has a fun tradition of dressing up for Halloween and passing out candy. This annual tradition was extended to then boyfriend Nicholas to join in! Little Did Sierra know when she answered the door to a very large trick or treater it would be Nicholas as a Green power ranger! We think she got a pretty great treat! We love how Nicholas incorporated his proposal into a family tradition of Sierras and made this Halloween proposal the Happiest Ever! Sierra's Mom posted the next day, announcing the engagement was just perfect! We can't wait for them to finally get to say I do at Venue 1902 in just a few weeks!

Intimate Proposal

Given the current times, some couples are choosing to propose in their homes, nearby parks, or even their yards. You can search for local companies who will set up a romantic scene in your home and park for a unique engagement. Imagine a charcuterie board and champagne waiting for you in a romantic picnic setting or your favorite meal and lounge furniture as you get down on one knee. You can even hire a photographer to capture the proposal or invite friends and family to watch from a distance!

You can also think about incorporating your favorite music, hobbies, or pets into your proposal. If cooking is something you both enjoy, cook your favorite meal together and plan the proposal around the dinner. Why not have your dog hop into your partner’s lap and have the ring tied to the collar as a unique surprise? Do you play a musical instrument? Write a special song or play your favorite song before you get down on one knee. The sky's the limit when it comes to making your proposal meaningful for you and your soon to be fiancé!

Scavenger Hunt Proposal

A scavenger hunt is another fun way to incorporate meaningful places to your relationship into the proposal. Send your loved one to places such as where you met, favorite coffee shop, or favorite date restaurants with notes along that way that explains the significance of the location. At the final location you choose, you can be waiting to propose!

Photo Shoot Proposal

A photo shoot proposal is the perfect way to ensure you have great pictures of your special moment! Have your partner’s family suggest a family photo shoot or their friends suggest a friend photo shoot. If you often get pictures taken together, you could even suggest a photo shoot for your anniversary or birthday just so you don’t raise any suspicions! While in the middle of the photo shoot, you can drop to one knee for the proposal and the photographer will capture the entire proposal on camera! Your favorite photographer can help you pull off this unique and fun idea!

Did You Know? Fun Proposal Facts

  • 83% of brides prefer for her fiancé to ask her dad or family member before proposing

  • 27% of brides-to-be call their best friends first after the proposal

  • December is the most popular month for proposals

  • 88% of brides-to-be feel that the surprise factor is important

  • Around 64% have said that they weren’t surprised by their marriage proposal

  • Tiffany & Co. introduced the now-ubiquitous prong setting in 1886. Prior to this, diamond rings were set in bezels

  • Most couples wait at least 6 months to get married after getting engaged with, 40 percent, waiting between 13-18 months to get hitched

You are engaged! Now what?

Congratulations! You are officially engaged! There is nothing quite as exciting as the feeling after you say Yes I will marry you! As the likes on Instagram fade and the questions switch from when will you get engaged to when will you get married? We have some helpful tips to help you transition from newly engaged to Wedding planning!

  1. First you must announce to all the world you are engaged to the love of your life! Make sure to call/facetime with the ones you are closest with, preferably before your post goes viral. Next it is time to post! With so many social media platforms you can choose one or all! We suggest keeping it simple; you just planned an engagement so announcing it can be a simple post or you can have some fun and be creative! Either way letting your friends and family know has never been easier!

  2. Celebrate- Take a minute to celebrate this milestone! Even if you don’t want a big engagement party, you can have a low key stress free gathering of family and friends. With all of the crazy in the world you can even have a super stress free Zoom party to celebrate!

  3. Now you need to get to work and that starts by finding a Venue and picking a date! We suggest having a couple of date options in mind when starting your search. This allows you to have the wedding of your dreams at your dream Venue. (We strongly suggest saying I do at Venue 1902)

  4. You have your Venue! Now you can start assembling your dream team! Venue 1902 offers incredible Catering options for you to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect caterer for your budget! We also provide you with planning tools and suggested Vendors who we know you can trust to help create your best day ever!

We can’t wait to hear your proposal story when you tour and book with us at Venue 1902. We love hearing about your engagement and ultimately becoming part of your wedding story. Book a tour today and share your story with us!


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