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Venue 1902 Coordinator -Bridesmaid

Recently, our very own event coordinator, Savannah, had the unique opportunity to trade in her venue name tag for a bridesmaid dress as she stood next to her best friend on her wedding day at Venue 1902. Morgan and Savannah have been best friends since they were born and even shared conversations about their dream weddings. Savannah knew the moment she met Seth, that he was the one for her best friend!

Savannah shared, “I’ve been such a supporter of their relationship since day one and have been waiting (almost as long as Morgan) for Seth to propose. After three years of dating, Seth proposed in front of all their friends and family and we celebrated the night away.”

Little did Savannah know she would end up working at the same venue her friend selected for their wedding! “Morgan decided on a gorgeous historic schoolhouse in Downtown Sanford, Florida (sound familiar?). The next month, I came in for an interview and joined the Venue 1902 Team. I loved that it was the same amazing venue that Morgan chose to host her special day!”

Savannah had such a fun and rare opportunity, and we are so happy she chose to share the following advice from her unique experience as both an event planner and bridesmaid at Venue 1902:

Ready, Set, Go!

Your big day starts early in the morning in our spacious bridal suites. A checklist is a great idea to remind the bridal party, family, and yourself of the most important things to include in your getting ready bag. Not only should you triple check everything for getting ready, but also have a playlist ready. Songs that energize the bride and bridal party up are a great way to enjoy the getting ready process.

Venue 1902 takes the stress out of your wedding day with so many amenities offered, including delicious brunch packages for your entire bridal party. You can ensure your group is well fed and energized pre-ceremony by packing little snacks to munch on between pictures. Lastly, don’t forget to request appetizers while you take your newlywed photos. A separate plate set aside for you in the bridal suites or our historic classroom is perfect to enjoy before you are introduced for your reception!

Breaking Tradition

With everything going on in the world, don’t feel pressure to follow every wedding tradition! It’s your special day so spend it doing what’s fun and comfortable for you! During your reception in our historic ballroom, adding trivia games or the wedding shoe game are great ways to entertain guests while maintaining social distancing. Venue 1902 does an outstanding job at keeping all guests and staff safe during these unprecedented times. From sanitizing every thirty minutes to distancing tables, Venue 1902 allows all guests to enjoy the big day without feeling uncomfortable due to COVID.

The Florida heat can be hot, so Savannah suggested bringing a mini fan to cool off in between pictures. After formal pictures, having a change of shoes is a life saver! Whether it’s slippers or flip flops, your feet will thank you at the end of the night!

Headed to Happily Ever After

Make sure your exit is as special as your event, by reserving a fun getaway car and a picture worthy exit event, like Eco-confetti or Sparklers! This has been a highlight for many of our Venue 1902 couples! As the night wraps up, designate a bridal party or family member to help the Venue staff with all the getaway details. From suitcases to phones and wallets, make sure the car is packed up and ready to go! For a comfy ride home, a change of clothes for the bride is a cute and relaxing way to leave the venue.

It’s Florida-But Don’t Sweat It

You won’t have to sweat the small stuff with the amazing event coordinators at Venue 1902. They will ensure your day goes as you envisioned and exceed your expectations. From the moment you book your wedding at Venue 1902 until the time you Exit down the front steps of our unique Historic Building, we are with you throughout the entire planning process! Our entire staff truly loves making your experience one you and your guests will never forget! We can’t wait to celebrate your special day with you, as you say I do at Venue 1902!


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