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Yes, you can still have a Fun and safe "Covid" wedding at Venue 1902 -

A pandemic not on your radar when you started planning your wedding at Venue 1902? We are here for you and ready to help you create your new version of the best day ever! Did you know that we have been hosting amazing weddings since the end of May? The secret to our success: as things change, so do we! With all the new circumstances in the world of weddings, we are thinking outside the box and want to share these fun ideas and solutions with you! Our strategies for easing the worries of guests and family include utilizing fun and creative ways to rethink your wedding day and rehearsal dinner! The experience from all of our summer weddings so far allows us to share with you our confidence that you can be safe and have fun, while still including all your friends and family on your special day!

Rethinking Your Rehearsal Dinner

One of the hurdles we continue to encounter with our couples is that restaurants are not allowing large groups like wedding parties for rehearsal dinners. Venue 1902 has the perfect space for you and your guests to host your rehearsal dinner or brunch- 1902 West! 1902 West is a quaint space located in the West Wing of our Wedding Venue, perfect for post rehearsal celebrations! This location could not be more convenient for you and all your guests. This historic classroom space features all the same elements that made you fall in love with our venue in the first place, including high ceilings, chandeliers, and historic wood floors.

1902 West can accommodate up to fifty guests and includes tables, chairs, and a prep area. All vendors are welcome, so you can create your perfect Rehearsal Dinner or Brunch, with the assurance that we are taking all of the same precautions in 1902 West as we take in the main Venue.

Rethinking Your Reception

Here are some great ideas that can help to ease concerns for you and your guests. How about planning fun activities and games for all your guests during the reception, this can allow for guests to stay at their tables and also allow those who might not be able to attend in person virtually participate. We encourage you to speak with your DJ to incorporate some fun ideas to allow your guests to socially distance and have a memorable experience. You could have a zoom call or Facebook Live feed set up so those guests who are unable to attend can still enjoy the evening! Check out some of the ideas below!


Trivia is such a popular trend outside of weddings, why not incorporate it into your reception! You and your family can work together and create a list of trivia questions for you guests to answer, mixed in with current trivia categories. This creates a fun way to spend a portion of your reception. Include fun questions about your relationship and see who knows the most about you! You can have a wedding party member or the DJ read the questions and then give the answers. The person at each table with the most correct answers wins! Our Venue 1902 staff will be happy to help you figure out the perfect time to place fun activities on your reception timeline!

Wedding Shoe Game

This is a popular game for couples at Venue 1902! The bride and groom are seated in chairs on stage or in the middle of the dance floor back to back. The bride and groom both remove their shoes and exchange one shoe so they both hold one of their own and one of their spouses’ shoes. The DJ or wedding party member then reads a list of questions and the couple raises the shoe of the person who the answer to the question represents. You could even have guests submit questions in a box during cocktail hour to make it more interactive! This is always a hilarious and fun game at our venue!

Online Games

Online party video games are also popular for families and groups to enjoy during the reception! Jack box is an online platform which allows players to see each other on Zoom and use their phone to answer the game questions. This great option allows your virtual guests to participate and see everyone at the reception!

Photo Scavenger Hunt

For the Photo Scavenger Hunt, your guests will use their phones to find and take pictures of different moments from your reception or around our historic venue. Your guests will love this activity and you will enjoy all the creative pictures your guests take throughout the reception! You can print cards with the instructions and scavenger hunt items to place at each guest’s seat and include your hashtag to see all the fun!

What activities will YOU include at your reception?

The options are endless when it comes to fun alternative activities for your reception at Venue 1902. You can create a truly memorable reception for your guests by personalizing the games and activities to share the story of your love. A recent Venue 1902 Couple Grisele and Tony had their wedding on July 18, 2020 and this is what they had to say “07.18.2020 was beyond wonderful!!!! I’m so happy we got to celebrate safely with family and friends!! It was perfect!”

At Venue 1902, we are committed to helping you have your best and safest day ever! We can’t wait to see how you personalize your special day!

Images provided by- Lillie Shawn Imagery


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