Wedding Traditions: Bringing the past to the present

A wedding is a tradition in and of itself, but within the wedding ceremony there are many o opportunities for couples to connect with their heritage, history and family values or traditions. We love seeing many of these traditions carried on and included in modern ceremonies.

Have you ever wondered about certain wedding traditions? Where did they originate and why they are done? The first tradition we would love to share, is the tradition of jumping the broom after a Wedding Ceremony. “Jumping the Broom” has roots deep in African centered Culture; its original purpose was to represent the joining of two families. It was a symbol of sweeping away the old and welcoming in the new. During the time of slavery, slaves were not allowed to practice many of their traditions and because of these circumstances many of their traditional rituals were lost. However, a few were considered harmless and “Broom Jumping” was one of them. During this time, they used the practice of Jumping over the Broom as their way to give legitimacy to their Union and connect them to their homeland. Today “Broom Jumping” is a ritual, handed down from generation to generation to remind African Americans of a time when they were not allowed to legally marry. This is done at the end of the ceremony as a way to pay tribute to their history. I asked two of our Venue 1902 Couples what it meant to them: Zenda and Terrell were married last September and shared these thoughts about their experience. " The broom we used was decorated and designed by my step-mom and the practice of jumping the broom was passed down generation to generation from my family.  My parents were truly instrumental in ensuring we kept with this tradition."  Melissa and Donnell shared this: "To us jumping the broom means many things. It was representing a leap into a new life and sweeping away our past, our single lives, problems and concerns, leaving all of the bad history in the past.... "the straw represents family and the handle represents faith. The ribbon they placed on their broom represents the binding of the two. The flowers represented beauty and fertility and the growth that would occur as they go forward together."

"Broom Jumping" today is also practiced by other groups including different religions around the world with slight variations. We love having traditions shared with us, as our Bride's and Groom's add their personal and family traditions. These traditions add to the rich history that makes Venue 1902 so special.

Melissa and Donnell

Zenda and Terrell