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Venue 1902 Wedding Trends Update! What’s Hot and What’s Not!

With Orlando weddings back and in full swing, we thought it would be fun to see where trends are

heading in 2022 and beyond. Here are a few of Our favorites!

What’s Hot: Flower walls, arches, & neon signs

What’s Not: Balloon décor

Balloon Décor has been a fun trend the past couple years, adding a lively sense of whimsy and fun. However, while it had a great moment, it appears in the coming months and year this fun décor option is being replaced with flower walls and arches. Also, let’s not forget Neon signs; they are predicted to be all the rage when you want a pop of fun in the ballroom!

What’s Hot: Larger guest counts

What’s Not: Micro & mini weddings

While Mini and Micro Weddings are still a great option for some, we do think we'll see them become the exception rather than rule. After COVID-related gathering restrictions have loosened up, couples are eager to celebrate with loved ones. This has paved the way for the reemergence of larger guest lists. It is actually predicted that guest lists could be double what they were prior to the pandemic, as everyone wants to see

each other again and celebrate!

What’s Hot: Fun stations & late-night bite food trucks

What’s Not: Open table food displays at weddings

Grazing tables, and "free-for-all” food grabs are definitely out. We see couples choosing to incorporate fun stations and late-night bite food trucks to add a personal touch to their wedding! Couples are finding this is a great way to have a more full-service catering experience for their special day, with an added element of fun!

What’s Hot: Sparkler exits

What’s Not: No special reception exit

YAY! We are so glad to know the trend that so many of our Venue 1902 couples choose isn't going anywhere any time soon. Couples love to be sent off through a sparkler tunnel at the end of their wedding night. We love a good sparkler exit and the pictures are always Epic! What started as a wedding trend has made the transition to a wedding classic and is now considered a timeless tradition!

What’s Hot: Customized activities & timelines

What’s Not: Outdated traditions

While working with our couples at Venue 1902 to create their wedding day timelines, we have noticed a sense of freedom when it comes to planning 2022 weddings. Couples have waited so long to celebrate with loved ones, they are going to do things their way, not just because they are 'tradition' or expected by family. Creating a custom day that is perfect for the two of you is one of our specialties at Venue 1902! This includes incorporating fun elements such as these:

Unusual Flower girls - We love seeing our couples bring in the fun in the flower girl! Like this awesome Flower -Beer Man! Don’t get us wrong, we love the sweet moments that a traditional flower girl brings to the wedding ceremony! In 2022, it is all about doing what works for you!

Food trucks and food favorites- Whether you choose to incorporate your favorite ice-cream bar, coffee cart, or bring in a food truck, it is such a fun surprise for your guests!

What’s Hot: Bold colors & black and white color palettes

What’s Not: Neutrals

You can look forward to seeing the rust color palette coming to life in 2022 and beyond. You can also expect Sage Green Bridesmaids Dresses will be huge in Spring with Emerald and Forest green arriving in Fall!. As for wedding dresses, colored gowns will be a chic, fashion-forward choice for brides. Watch for Blues in every shade making a splash as the color is popping up everywhere! Finally, while color is trending- the classic black and white is also making its way to weddings in 2022 and beyond. You really can’t go wrong with the timeless elegance of a black and white Wedding!

What’s Hot: Dessert displays & cake arches

What’s Not: Donut walls

Cake tables are getting a whole lot more attention these days, through the medium of custom cake hoops and cake arches! Whether decorated with fresh flowers, dried foliage, or left plain for a modern, minimalist vibe, these unashamedly extra cake displays make lovely focal points. Dessert displays that are built out with shelving, dressers, and tables are the perfect way to elevate your guest’s experience! Get creative and bring on the custom candy, cookies, and cupcakes…but maybe skip the donuts in 2022!

What’s Hot: Trendy Unique Wedding Arches

What’s Not: Balloon Arches

We love seeing the fun arch ideas for the ceremony and the current trend of using an arch backdrop behind the sweetheart table. Venue 1902 offers many new arch options to choose from, but the number one choice is our Hexagon Arch! The modern look of the hexagon shape mixed with the natural wood is perfect for any contemporary wedding. Hexagon wooden arches are sure to fit perfectly for your wedding vision! For garden, modern, rustic, boho, or your own unique style, the wooden hexagon arch backdrop is the way to go!

What’s Hot: Fairytale lighting, cold sparklers & neon signs

What’s Not: Large light up letters

How you light the indoor and/or outdoor spaces at your wedding reception sets the tone and mood for the entire evening! This being said, it's no surprise that fairytale lighting made our list of the top wedding trends. We are seeing all sorts of dreamy, unique, and statement lighting options. Venue 1902 has a list of incredible vendors who can provide these services for you and create a magical setting for your wedding! Take your pick from exposed bulbs, string light installations, and classic fairy lights- they all look amazing in our beautiful ballroom!

Whatever your style, Venue 1902 can’t wait to be a part of your unique one-of-a-kind day! We love seeing each wedding day brought to life by our couples’ unique personalities and style! We love seeing the fun they have incorporating what is important to them as they create their best day ever as they Say I do at Historic Venue1902!


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