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Venue 1902 Wedding planning- During a Pandemic. How to plan, adjust and manage it all

At Venue 1902, we understand the stress of a world pandemic is the last thing you wanted to worry about while planning your wedding! Rest assured; we are taking every step necessary to ensure your special day is just as you imagined while making safety of our guests a top priority.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Our staff is taking extra precautions to ensure the safety and health of you and your guests. You will notice all our staff are wearing masks and are required to wash and sanitize their hands every twenty minutes. Staff members will also be stationed at doorways during heavy guest traffic time to open and close doors for everyone. The venue will also sanitize all door handles, bathroom areas, and handrails every hour. This is in addition to the deep cleaning the venue receives after each event!

Safety Tips for Couples and Guests

There are proactive steps our couples can take to help with our efforts too. First, please inform all guests that if they feel sick, have a fever, or have recently been sick to please stay at home. You may also suggest your guests wear masks and/or provide the masks to your guests when they arrive. While masks are not required for guests, some might feel more comfortable. Another cute idea is to provide each guest with a small personalized hand sanitizer bottle to use in addition to the hand washing and sanitization stations at the venue. We know having a wedding during this time might not be what you had originally planned, with some creativity you can make the best of the situation with cute ways to protect you and your guest!

Guest Count Flexibility

There are many uncertainties during these times regarding the number of people allowed to gather in one location. Your guests may also be waiting to make travel arrangements until there is more clarity on airline and hotel operations. The regulations are changing regularly, and we understand this can impact your guest count. We are offering you the flexibility of changing the guest count at no extra charge to help accommodate any last-minute changes that might need to be made. For those guests unable to attend, you can offer ceremony streaming so they can attend virtually from the comfort of their home!

Seating Arrangements

The Venue 1902 team will optimize spacing between guest tables during set-up to provide adequate social distancing for our guests. Additional chairs will be added to the ceremony location to allow guests to comfortably space themselves from others. This is great information to pass on to your wedding guests too!

Wedding Planning During and After Coronavirus

Many couples have questions and concerns about how to plan for their wedding during and after coronavirus. Communication and flexibility are key! It is important to have open lines of communications with all your vendors to keep everyone on the same page. There are so many resources available for you to utilize while planning! Did you know there are virtual planning services? You can hire a wedding planner and utilize their services all from your home! Zoom meetings and virtual tours are excellent resources to help you in the planning process. While, Pinterest and social media might be a part of your everyday routine, using these tools for wedding planning and research are valuable tools and can help tremendously. We suggest offering a live streaming option for those who are unable to attend in-person. You can also use social media as a platform for guests to feel like they are at the venue with you. You could have a friend attending the wedding go live on social media throughout the reception to showcase your special day. Your guests could also use your hashtag for your friends and family to stay connected throughout the ceremony and reception. Everyone in the wedding industry is learning how to navigate these new and different times together right alongside with you! Of course, we all want your wedding day to be above and beyond what you envisioned!

As part of the Venue 1902 family, we want to exceed your expectations during these unprecedented times. Our team is dedicated to making your wedding day a success. So, take a deep breath, take time to remember why you are getting married and the love you are celebrating! Last but not least, we are all in this together!


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