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Venue 1902 = Customization and Personalization

In the midst of planning a wedding during this ongoing global Covid pandemic?? Even with the ever changing times, Venue 1902 continues to rise to the occasion and go above and beyond your expectations!

Here are some great strategies we have learned to adapt to the new normal and have beautiful weddings at Venue 1902!

As mentioned above, we have had couples choose to make slight modifications to their wedding day.

What exactly does slight modifications mean? Well, it is different for each couple! For one, it might be decreasing guest count; for another, it might mean adding a virtual element. Choosing to work with a Venue that will work with you is a big part of the success.

There are so many little things that make a big difference in making you and your guests feel safe and comfortable!

Venue 1902 provides in house rentals, implements stringent cleaning measures, allows customized floor planning, has outdoor ceremony and cocktail hours options, and more. In short, we can customize your wedding to fit you and your guests needs. Here is what a recent Venue 1902 Bride had to say about her experience with Venue 1902.

"Next, in order to accommodate what we felt was most safe, they worked with us to have our entire wedding including ceremony and luncheon reception outdoors before sundown. This meant cocktail hour with a lounge and bar area on the front lawn. There were many ways in which the execution of our day was outside of the norm, but they were handled with professionalism and attention to detail. Overall, we had the perfect 2020 wedding day for us. The Venue 1902 staff were incredible in helping us execute our vision including décor, safety protocols, and order of events. Their vendor recommendations were thoroughly vetted, even for less-common services like wedding streaming, and we were impressed with the quality of each of the vendors. There were several times that we referenced their vendor list or called for a recommendation.

Aleshia is an amazing human and will give her all to make sure she understands what you both as a couple want for your day and then do everything she can to make it happen. We cannot thank Aleshia, Taylor, Lisa and the rest of the Venue 1902 staff enough. Beyond the beautiful building and backdrop, the people of Venue 1902 made our special day exceptionally memorable.” Liz Krall

Additional COVID accommodations can include adding fun elements to your wedding day! These can add a little extra surprise for your guests and can make for a memorable experience for all! We recently had a custom slide show made by the Bride for her Dad. Let's just say there was not a dry eye in the room.

Photo credit Nassimbeni photos

If you are looking for other fun ideas, You can play digital trivia, actually incorporating a whole series of questions about the wedding couple and your family! There is a super fun game called The Shoe Game where the guests can gather some fun insights into the couple, like who really steals the blankets :). Our goal is to work with each couple. We have the ability to customize your day to make sure your special day is safe while making all of your wedding dreams come true!

In the end no matter how many life altering curve balls we are given, one thing we know for sure, we love weddings and getting to be a part of so many couples love stories! This is what inspires us to do our absolute best each and every day!


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