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Trending for 2024- Wedding Invitations & The Art of Addressing Them

Welcome to Historic Venue 1902. We are an award winning Central Florida based wedding venue and we love to offer ideas- tips and information that can help engaged couples throughout the planning process. From knowing what we offer at Historic Venue 1902 to actual wedding day inspiration, we always strive to provide a wide range of content. This week we are focusing on Wedding Invitation trends and how to properly address them!

Planning a wedding is a whirlwind, right? From picking the venue (hint, hint) to choosing the perfect flowers, there's a lot to think about. Today, let's focus on something equally important but often overlooked: wedding invitations and how to address them like a pro!

Why Trendy Invitations?

First, why go trendy? Well, your invitations are the first taste your guests get of your big day. Watercolor, floral prints, and digital elements are all the rage right now. They set the mood and give a preview of what’s to come. Let’s take a look at these trends and you can see which one is right for you!

1.Interactive and digital Invites:

With technology at the fingertips of every one these days it is easy to see how this trend is a big hit with couples. We love the idea of incorporating QR codes that lead to personalized wedding websites, allowing guests to RSVP, access event details, and see your registries.

2.Sustainable and Eco-Conscious Designs:

With growing environmental awareness, sustainable wedding invitations continue to be a trend for 2024. Couples are opting for recycled or biodegradable paper stocks and eco-friendly printing techniques.

3.Watercolor Illustrations:

We love the idea of watercolor illustrations and see this being a big hit, taking center stage in wedding invitation designs. Soft, dreamy brushstrokes in pastel hues create romantic ambiance. Whether you are artistic and want to design your own or look to a local artist, we love the idea of delicate floral motifs, abstract landscapes, or artistic renditions of cherished moments between the couple. Watercolor invitations exude elegance and timeless charm which is perfect for Historic Venue 1902 couples!

4.Metallic Accents:

If you are thinking that perhaps you are a little more bold and want to add a touch of bling and sophistication, consider adding metallic accents that are taking the spotlight in wedding invitation trends. Shimmering gold, silver, rose gold, or copper foil elements bring a sense of luxury to the design. These metallic touches can be applied to typography, borders, or intricate patterns, elevating the overall look of the invitation and reflecting the couple’s glamorous style.

5.Contemporary Typography:

Look for a shift towards contemporary typography, where expressive and artistic fonts take center stage. From bold and edgy lettering to elegant calligraphy with a modern twist, typography will become a key element in setting the tone for the wedding. Couples can customize their invitations with their favorite fonts, making the text itself a work of art that resonates with their personalities.

6.Geometric Shapes and Patterns:

Yes, they are back, and we are so excited to see geometric shapes and patterns making their way into weddings starting with the invitation designs. From sleek lines and abstract shapes to intricate geometric patterns, these designs add a touch of modernity and sophistication. The clean sophistication look is so fun to add to our Venue with the brick and original hardwood floors; the Venue goes perfectly with modern sophistication and timeless look.

Now that you have the invitation selected, how do you address them?

Properly Addressing Envelopes

Formal or Casual: Decide the tone. A formal tone might use full names and titles, while a casual tone could just use first names.

Same-Sex Couples: For same-sex couples, either name can go first. Alphabetical order is a good default.

Unmarried Couples Living Together: Write both names on the same line or different lines, whichever fits better.

Families: If you're inviting an entire family, it’s acceptable to write "The [Family's Last Name] Family".

Titles Matter: Use appropriate titles like "Doctor" for medical doctors or Ph.D. holders. Military titles should also be used when applicable.

The last decision you will need to make concerning the Invitation! Online vs Paper

Digital invitations are convenient, especially for far-away guests. Yet, there's something timeless about a physical invitation. If you're stuck, why not do both?

Are you ready to start wedding planning?

Thank you for reading our blog. We appreciate your time and interest. Invitations may be a small part of your big day, but they're the first impression. If you're in the midst of planning your big day, we invite you to consider Historic Venue 1902, located in Historic Downtown Sanford just outside of Orlando, we provide a unique and charming backdrop for your special occasion. We have been honored and privileged to host hundreds of weddings and celebrate so much love. We would love to show you everything Historic Venue 1902 has to offer. To Schedule a tour you can text or call 407-986-8600. In the meantime feel free to check out our Instagram page and see the many reasons you too should say I do at Historic Venue 1902! We look forward to meeting you soon.


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