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Summer Weddings Having a Blast- Summer Weddings are not a thing of the past!

You just got engaged! Congratulations and now you are thinking about wedding planning! The first question- after “Can I see the ring?”- is when you are planning on getting married! It is safe to say that with wedding planning there are a lot of details, and it might even feel overwhelming. Don’t worry, you will have plenty of time for planning! Now that you have posted those ring selfies on Instagram and celebrated with friends and family, what do you do next? Well, the first thing to do is decide on a month or season which would be your ideal time! As you can probably guess, we are going to be focusing on the times of year you can choose to get married. Given that we are currently in the heart of summer, we’re going to talk about ideas for hosting an awesome summer wedding celebration and why it might make sense for your own wedding!

If this is your first time reading our blog, we would like to Say Hi and welcome you to Historic Venue 1902. We are a Florida based wedding venue and we love to offer ideas- tips and information that can help engaged couples throughout the planning process. If you are looking for a perfect Central Florida Venue, we would love to show you why we continue to be one of Central Florida’s premier wedding Venues for weddings in any season!

Let’s get back to summer weddings and how at Historic Venue 1902 we have you covered!

When looking for a Wedding Venue in Florida especially in Summer you should plan accordingly. We are very aware of the weather challenges being located just outside of Orlando; the weather can be unpredictable but most predictably warm. Even with the potential for sweltering heat, there are ways to plan around it. Along with the heat here in Florida, we also get those special afternoon showers. Having an indoor ceremony space is key to wedding day bliss and a stress-free day for you and your guests!

If you are still wanting that beautiful garden ceremony, consider what time you’ll have the ceremony. As you can guess, an early afternoon outdoor wedding ceremony will likely feel a little different than an early evening one. If you time it right, you may be able to get the ceremony to align with the sun setting, which will undoubtedly make for some amazing photos! Secondly, when browsing potential venues, make sure to inquire about your options for each part of the wedding day. If you have an outdoor ceremony, can you hold the reception in an indoor space? This is a logical set-up if you’re worried about guests being in the summer heat for too long. If you go the garden ceremony route, we offer the option of having your guests wait inside (in the nice cool air conditioning) while they wait for the ceremony to begin. This allows everyone the opportunity to stay cool and out of the heat for as long as possible!

Benefits of a Summer Wedding

There are so many things to think of when planning your wedding! Having your friends and family attending is a key element to making the day a roaring success! We have noticed a higher attendance during our summer weddings. If you are having guests travel, hosting your wedding in the summer will allow more guests the freedom to attend your wedding. With school being out and plenty of advance notice, your guests can also plan to stay here in

Florida to enjoy some of our amazing summer fun vacation spots! If you love color (and we do) having a summer wedding allows you the freedom to play with color and use some fun bright color palettes! With so many flowers available during the summer months, you and your florist can create the most beautiful arrangements and the choices are endless!

With a summer wedding, you can have fun and get creative! Here are a few ideas to think about. Bridal party attire- consider light colored suits for the guys and short dresses for the ladies! Incorporating fun desserts like an ice cream bar or how about your favorite popsicles! Nothing says summer like a sparkler exit, so go out with your very own personal summer sparkling send off!

Images- HannahGlo Photography

Still need a Venue?

What do you think? Could a summer wedding be the answer for you? As you can see, summer weddings can be fun, exciting, and full of benefits for you and your guests! Not long after you have a date (or at least the season) locked in for your wedding, it’ll be time to start touring local wedding venues and ultimately deciding which one makes the most sense for you and your fiancé. With Our fully restored “air conditioned” Historic Venue, our team is ready and waiting to learn more about what you have envisioned for your wedding day and ultimately ready to help turn that vision into a reality. If you’re engaged and interested in taking a free tour of the venue, contact us today to schedule your visit. Historic Venue1902 is conveniently located just outside of Orlando in the beautiful Historic District of Sanford. We have been honored and privileged to host hundreds of weddings and celebrate so much love. We would love to show you everything Venue 1902 has to offer. To Schedule a tour, you can text or call 407-986-8600. In the meantime, feel free to check out our Instagram page and see the many reasons you too should say I do at Historic Venue 1902!


Historic Venue 1902 is the Perfect Venue any time of the year! Summer- Winter- Spring or Fall


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