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Safe Covid Weddings- Yes, they are still a thing

Venue 1902's Secrets to Success - How to Have a Safe Covid Wedding: Update

Expect the Unexpected; after the past year and a half, this should be our new motto! We all know when planning a wedding, there will be ups and downs. The same is true for most things in life. With that being said, we all feel like we have been on a non-stop emotional roller coaster!

Through all of the ups and downs, the Venue 1902 Team has decided to take this opportunity to grow and learn. We focused our energy on learning ways to adapt to the ever changing circumstances. We did this by listening to our couples and the experts in our industry. We have found some incredibly innovative strategies that have enabled us to be triumphant in the midst of very uncertain times.

So what did we learn and what are the secrets to success that allowed us to hold safe and amazing weddings over the past eighteen months? First of all, we have amazing couples and families who have trusted us to provide them with a safe environment to host their weddings. Secondly, our team is hands down the BEST! We are so proud of our team's tireless efforts and their desire to maintain the highest level of service and cleanliness for all of our couples and their guests!

Here are a few things we have done to adapt to our new, ever changing world!

  • Provide in house rentals -

By doing this, we have limited the number of Vendors who are entering the Venue and who are in contact with you and your team on wedding day.

  • Continue to perform enhanced cleaning procedures

We continue to provide enhanced cleaning of high touch surfaces and utilize our team to help ensure the safest environment possible.

  • Prepare and create custom floor plans

Venue 1902 uses a digital software that has added optional social distancing feature, allowing us to ensure your wedding floor plan is to your comfort level.

  • Hold beautiful outdoor ceremony and cocktail hours

Our stunning Wedding Garden allows us ample space to distance rows and seating to your comfort level; Outdoor cocktail hour had been very popular with our outdoor bar option and fun yard games.

  • Venue 1902 Team is happy to customize your Venue 1902 Wedding to your level of comfort

Essentially, customization has been one of the major keys to our success!

The Venue 1902 Team could not be more grateful to have our efforts unexpectedly rewarded by winning so many awards this year: more than any previous years!! We are so overjoyed to have come through so much with all our couples and still host the best weddings ever! All this means you can still have a safe and fun wedding experience in spite of COVID. We have discovered with a lot of creativity, hard work and some slight modifications, combined with a great attitude, Venue 1902 can still provide you with the best day ever! Most importantly, at the end of this crazy journey, you will be married to your soul mate and you are able to start your forever love story together! The Best is Yet to Come!!

Photo Credit - Brandon Kari Photo


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