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Live Wedding Painting- Is it for you?

Live Painting featured Artist - Event Painting by Jamie

Welcome to Historic Venue 1902's Blog, where we delve into the enchanting world of weddings and celebrations. As a renowned historic venue with a rich heritage, we are delighted to share our expertise and insights on a variety of wedding topics. Whether you're seeking inspiration for your wedding theme, tips for planning a memorable event, or advice on incorporating vintage charm into your special day, our blog is here to guide and inspire you. Join us on this journey as we explore the timeless elegance of weddings, drawing inspiration from the past while embracing the joys of the present.

Having hosted more than a few weddings over the years, we can safely say there are plenty of various ideas that couples can incorporate into their wedding celebration! Whether it be a beautiful lounge area, a stunning wedding cake that almost looks too good to eat and so on, it really is possible to craft every single detail of your dream wedding. To take it one step further, it’s also important to acknowledge that a key part to making this a reality is finding the right vendors for your celebration. Photographer, florist, cake creator, DJ, you name it! Luckily there are more than a few talented wedding vendors out there, so you’ll have no trouble finding someone perfect for your big day. Let's get started with today's topic!

Having a live wedding painter at your Historic Venue 1902 Wedding can be a wonderful and unique addition to your special day. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding whether to have a live wedding painter:

  1. Do you appreciate the idea of capturing your wedding day through live art? If you and your partner enjoy artistic experiences and want to have a tangible representation of your wedding, having a live wedding painter can be a great choice.

  2. Budget: Hiring a live wedding painter may add to your wedding expenses. Determine if it fits within your budget and prioritize it accordingly. Remember to account for the painter's fee, materials, and any additional services they might offer, such as framing or prints.

  3. Logistics: Discuss with the Historic Venue 1902 team to ensure there is adequate space for the painter to set up their easel and work comfortably. Coordinate with them to establish the best vantage point for the painter to capture the scene and ensure they have proper lighting.

  4. Guest Experience: Consider how having a live painter might enhance your guests' experience. They can enjoy watching the artist at work, and it can serve as a unique form of entertainment during certain parts of the wedding, such as the cocktail hour. Since we have experienced the live painting at several weddings we know first hand that your guests will LOVE it!!

  5. Timing: Determine the duration during which you want the painter to be present. It's common for live painters to work for a few hours, capturing key moments like the ceremony or reception. Discuss this with the painter and ensure their schedule aligns with your wedding timeline.

Ultimately, the decision to have a live wedding painter at your Historic Venue 1902 Wedding depends on your personal preferences, budget, and the overall aesthetic and atmosphere you desire for your special day. Take the time to research different artists, review their portfolios, and communicate your vision to find the perfect fit for capturing your wedding in a beautiful, artistic way.

If you're captivated by the allure of a historic venue steeped in timeless beauty and charm, we invite you to explore all that Historic Venue 1902 has to offer. Immerse yourself in our blog, where you'll find valuable resources and inspiration for crafting the wedding of your dreams. Discover the unique stories, tips, and ideas we have to share, and let us help you envision a day that reflects your love story. To learn more about hosting your special day at Historic Venue 1902 and to see if saying "I do" within our historic walls is right for you, reach out to our dedicated team. We can't wait to be a part of your unforgettable journey towards happily ever after.


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