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Let's hear it for the Groom! What every groom should know on his wedding day.

Let’s face it, typically the Grooms have it pretty easy on Wedding Day. As the old saying goes, the Groom is responsible to just show up on time. Traditionally, the Bride and her Family are more involved with the planning and budgeting for the wedding. However, we have seen with modern couples the Grooms are wanting to be semi-involved in the day! There might be many opportunities for you to help your Bride-to-be, and we all think you should take any chance to do so. As such, here are some pointers to help the Guys out! Ever wonder what you should be doing, or what is expected? Here are some pointers to help you out!

Groomsmen and Attire-

This might be a joint decision, but take time to look at options and make sure they work with the overall vision for your wedding. Let the Groomsmen know what they need and where to go to get the perfect look. Try not to leave this to the last minute! Getting sizes and coordinating outfits is trickier than you might think!

Hire a DJ or Band-

Check out our Suggested Vendor List for help here! Make sure you hire a reputable vendor! The DJ will make or break your reception!


You have a couple options here; you can include your Bride to Be in the planning or take the route of a surprise. You will know what will be best for you and your Future Mrs.

Rehearsal Dinner-

Venue 1902 offers an amazing option to celebrate after your rehearsal- a Rehearsal Brunch at Venue 1902! We also give a list of options to help on our suggested Vendor list!


This can be fun- with so many options from the classic Limo, Golf Carts, or Carriages; your options are endless. Just plan for appropriate transportation if you plan to be drinking. Have fun and be safe!

Marriage License-

Check out the link and don’t forget to bring it with you on wedding day!

On the Wedding Day-

Remember to Eat-

Be on time and remember to eat! That is easy when your wedding is at Venue 1902! Since Venue 1902 provides Brunch, you can sit back and relax with the guys! Even if you’re not a breakfast person or if nerves have affected your appetite, you still need to eat!

Be present and don’t drink too much!

This is by far the most important advice of the day! This is undoubtedly the most important day of your life and you want to remember every moment. So, stay in the moment and enjoy it! Know your limits beforehand so you can enjoy the day and remember it! We understand nerves play a role, so remember to stay calm and stay present!

Give the Bride a Gift-

This is something that will be a special moment for the two of you! A special letter written to the one you are about to pledge your life to is always a great idea! You can do this along with jewelry or a special gift. The current trend of first looks can now be accompanied by the reading of the letter or exchanging of gifts. If you don’t want to see each other, Couples can stand back to back and read letters or hold hands. It is a nice time for the two of you before you head out to family and friends.

Treat your Guys-

Unsure what to get the guys for the big day to show them appreciation for standing by you and being there for you? Here is a great suggestion, Venue 1902’s newest space! The Library is an incredible space and the guys will love hanging out there!

The Rings-

You are responsible for the rings! At some point in the day, you will hand over the rings to your Best Man. If you are using a ring bearer consider having them bring an empty box or play jewelry. Let’s keep those rings close by and know where they are at every moment!

Know the Plan-

It is important to know the plan for the day! At Venue 1902 we help you out big time! We provide a schedule on the chalkboard in our Groom's suite. Get to know the schedule for the day – be in the know! That way, your day will run seamlessly. It might calm any nerves you’ve got, and will probably even impress your new Mrs. Don’t worry if you forget or need a little help, we have a Venue Coordinator to help remind you when and where you need to be!

Have Fun-

Most importantly remember to have fun and enjoy every minute! You have one day so make the most of it!


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