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Florida Wedding: Yes, you need a rain plan!

We live in the Sunshine State, right? So why would you need a rain plan for your wedding? Well, just as quickly as the sun shines, the rain showers can move in and just like that, you need a rain plan. Here are a few tips to help you create your rain plan!

First: Start preparing early for rain

Be mentally prepared for rain. Having a rain plan isn’t just about the plan itself; it’s also about your mindset following the rain plan. If you’re going to have an outdoor Spring wedding, you need to be prepared for inclement weather at the last minute. If this sounds like too much pressure, in addition to all the other wedding considerations, plan on doing your wedding indoors. The worst thing that can happen is to look back on your wedding day with regret because you had to go with Plan B when you really wanted Plan A. Venue 1902 has a beautiful indoor ceremony space and we can provide a room flip, turning your Ceremony space into an equally stunning Reception site.

Two: Understand rain can indirectly or partially impact your wedding plans

Even if the rain doesn’t happen during the ceremony, it can still affect your ceremony plans. Passing rain may mean a wet lawn which is too slick and sloppy to stand on. However, at Venue 1902, we have a brick pathway and a beautifully landscaped garden free of dirt and mud! The installation of our new turf prevents a quick rain storm from hindering your ceremony. It is still good to have a Plan B and the good news is that backup plans aren't all or nothing. If looming rain isn't forecast to fall until late into the evening, this means you can still take advantage of clearer skies! Holding a portion of your event outdoors, such as your ceremony and cocktail hour, and then moving the dinner and dancing inside when wet weather strikes is a perfect option. If the prediction is the showers will pass shortly after your ceremony, here is a great idea: Talk to the caterer and Day of Coordinator about having a pre-ceremony cocktail hour with hors d'oeuvres and beverages to start the celebration.

Three: Love the indoor option as much as the outdoor space (well almost as much!):

The best way to avoid rain plan regret is to make Plan B just as fantastic as Plan A! At Venue 1902, we do that by offering you two spaces as indoor ceremony options. Our social hall is a beautiful alternative to the garden, for weddings under 80 guests. For larger weddings, 80 or more, the upstairs ballroom is a perfect alternative. The historic stage offers a unique place to hold your ceremony, without sacrificing abundant natural lighting.

Four: Work with a staff that you can trust to help make your day run smooth

Knowing you have an entire staff to help you is key to the success of enacting any plan B. At Venue 1902, our staff will help you avoid the dreaded “rainy day wedding chaos.” Part of our job is preventing your Ceremony from being postponed and keeping your guests happy. When you have a team ready to go, this gives you peace of mind. You can be certain we are here and you can trust us to help you move everything along smoothly!


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