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Don't forget the Rehearsal Brunch

Rehearsal Brunch at Venue 1902

You booked your dream wedding at Venue 1902 and planning is going great... and then you remember the Rehearsal!! It has a funny way of sneaking up on you! Don’t stress, Venue 1902 has you covered! While the Rehearsal Dinner is an American tradition, it seems no one is quite sure of the origin. After much research into its origin the answer seems to be a definitive “who knows?!” So, perhaps with such an open-ended history, it won’t offend anyone if we start to change the way we think of the Rehearsal Dinner! This is just one more way to customize your wedding Day!

With Rehearsals happening in the morning, Venue 1902 has found the best way to celebrate with your loved ones! We offer the following insight to our Venue 1902 Couples: The celebration following your Rehearsal does not have to be dinner! We have found the popular trend of Rehearsal Brunches to be the perfect fit! And who doesn’t love Brunch?!

Here are a few helpful hints for planning your perfect Rehearsal Brunch.

You need to plan it! Yes, it is often left until the last minute, but don’t stress. Venue 1902 has all of the help you would need to plan the perfect Rehearsal Brunch!

  1. Keep it intimate, as this will allow you to spend some extra time with the people who matter the most to you. In some cases, this can actually be more emotional than the wedding day as you are surrounded by loved ones sharing stories and memories.

  2. Take Photos! You might want to splurge and hire a photographer. If that is not in your budget, ask a friend or family member to be in charge of capturing photos. You can add our exclusive space The Lounge to your event! The Lounge has a selfie station and is a great way to take fun photos and make memories. You will want to have photos to remember this event and the special people involved. Memories will last a lifetime!

  3. The Guest List: It is typical to invite immediate family and the Bridal Party, but in today’s world who wants to be typical! Guest lists are now expanded to include out of town guests or friends who have arrived early for the wedding weekend. This is truly up to the couple and gives the flexibility for you both to decide. However, the celebration is not intended for every wedding guest :)


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