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Choosing the Right Wedding Day Vendors

Throughout the wedding planning process, one of your primary responsibilities is going to revolve around researching and ultimately selecting particular wedding vendors. Chances are you’ve already been browsing through some potential options on Instagram and have likely received some recommendations from friends and family as well. Nonetheless, particularly for those planning a wedding in Orlando, Florida you’re going to have plenty of options to pick from.

We are so lucky to have such amazing Wedding Vendors in Central Florida! Here at Historic Venue 1902, we have amazing Catering options that provide you full-service catering and excellent food and service. We also recommend some of Orlando’s very best Vendors! We bring these amazing vendors together twice a year for our booked couples to have an opportunity to meet them! Couples can see their work in person, while enjoying a spectacular night out! If you have booked your wedding at Historic Venue 1902, make sure you get your tickets reserved! Your wedding vendor dream team should be composed of the vendors capable of truly bringing your dream wedding to life. Obviously, everyone is going to also have a budget for their big day and that may require you to make some tough decisions, but the core premise holds true. Throughout this blog post, we’ll provide you with some tips on assembling your wedding vendor dream team and how you can prioritize certain elements.

Prioritize Your Must-Haves

This can be an easy task- okay not that easy- but starting with the essentials and knowing who and what is the most important will help you figure out where to begin! As I mentioned in the introduction, everyone is going to need to establish a budget early on in the planning process. This will help you avoid some unwanted stress and a few headaches later on in the process! With that in mind, at the beginning of the planning process, make sure to highlight the vendors that you and your fiancé would consider to be “must-haves.” Is there a photographer that you’ve been following on Instagram for a while, someone who has the style and feel you want to capture your Wedding? If so, it would make sense to get them locked in first. Are you and your fiancé, total foodies? If that’s the case, then catering might be an important item. The best way to start is to know what matters to the two of you! This is however your big day!

Consider Recommendations

As you can imagine- there are a lot of Vendors out there looking and hoping to help you create your best day ever! Speaking from personal experience, our wedding venue Historic Venue 1902 has been fortunate enough to have hosted hundreds of weddings over the years. With this, we’ve been able to work with plenty of talented wedding vendors and feel confident in our ability to refer engaged couples to particular vendors, based on their budget and overall wedding vision. While you’re in the process of assembling your dream team, you may get stuck on certain vendors. Perhaps, the photographer and videographer were no-brainers, but you have no idea who the go-to local DJ is. No matter what the situation may be, it’s always going to be worthwhile to lean on your Suggested Vendor list or your wedding coordinator as resources during this planning process. They’ll likely have experience working with several of the other local vendors and can help lead you in the right direction. We offer our open houses as an amazing opportunity to work on planning including Vendor selection! Knowing if they’ve worked a wedding at your selected venue, this should make the day-of process that much more seamless, as they’ll be aware of any venue-specifics. We wanted this to be a good reminder to consider the recommendations you have been given, while we at Historic Venue 1902 allow you to choose Vendors, we are always here to help you if you get stuck!

Images by Taylor Kuperberg Photography

What Vendors Do You Need?

This is a list of Vendors you need and a few you might want! Most couples have not had the opportunity to plan a large-scale event with several vendors, so while you might already know these vendors- we love a good checklist and couldn’t resist!

Photographer – It’s always worth it to hire a professional photographer for your big day. They obviously have a huge responsibility for this, and you’ll want someone you can trust to capture every single moment.

Videographer – We could’ve included this with the photographers above, but many couples are also opting to hire videographers to capture clips throughout the day in video form as well!

Caterer – Good food is necessary for any celebration, right? Schedule taste testing to ensure you’ll be happy with the food served on your big day.

Florist – Flowers and weddings always go together. If you’re not already set on a specific flower type or color, lean on the expertise of a professional florist. They can help you with the time of year and which flowers are available.

Officiant- If you aren’t sure who will be performing your ceremony- we have some amazing people who can perform the most important part of the day! This can also be a friend or family member- your pastor or clergy are also welcome at Historic Venue 1902! Whoever you choose, just make sure you don’t forget this important vendor!

Wedding Cake – While many think wedding cake is a must, so many couples are leaning towards different, fun dessert options! But, wedding traditions do dictate that a beautiful and delectable wedding cake is always necessary, even if it’s just a small one! Also, if you are a true southerner, you cannot forget about the groom’s cake!

Music/Entertainment – Whether it be ceremony music or a fun entertainment experience at the reception, the DJ will be running your reception, so make sure they are as awesome as you are! Good DJ= Good Reception!

Hair & Makeup – You will want to look your absolute best and what a treat to be pampered on your wedding day!

Extras – Because who doesn’t want to be a little extra on their wedding day! The possibilities are endless and here are a few of our favorites: renting furniture or fun backdrops

(lucky for you Historic Venue 1902 offers these in house ) event painting, food trucks for late night bites, specialty ice cream, artists, and magicians- or how about a comedian! This is a fun way to really highlight something the two of you love and share it with your friends and family.

Tour Historic Venue 1902!

We hope we have offered you some helpful tips that will help you find the perfect vendor team to help you create your best day ever! Our venue team is here to help you from booking to the wedding day! If you haven’t booked your wedding, we would love for you to come and visit and let us show you why choosing Historic Venue 1902 can be the first and best vendor choice you make! Historic Venue 1902 is conveniently located just outside of Orlando in the beautiful Historic district of Sanford. We have been honored and privileged to host hundreds of weddings and celebrate so much love, we would love to show you everything Historic Venue 1902 has to offer. To schedule a tour, you can text or call 407-986-8600. In the meantime, feel free to check out our Instagram page and see the many reasons you too should say I do at Historic Venue 1902!


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