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5 Wedding budget mistakes- tips to help you plan the perfect wedding

We know wedding planning can quickly become quite the project. Creating (and sticking to) a budget can be one of the hardest and least fun things about planning a wedding. Because of the complexity of all of the decisions you will be making over the next several months, organization is a key skill to have. Start with a simple checklist and budget sheet. Your wedding budget will essentially impact every single decision you make, from your guest list, to chosen suppliers, right down to your florals. We unfortunately see many brides struggling with wedding budget woes, and from our experience there seem to be a few common (but easily fixed) mistakes that have the ability to cause stress, panic and overwhelm. Don't worry- the Venue 1902 Team is here to help!

For those new to our blog, welcome to Historic Venue 1902. We are a Florida based wedding venue and we love to offer ideas- tips and information that can help engaged couples throughout the planning process. From knowing what we offer at Historic Venue 1902 to actual wedding day inspiration, we always strive to provide a wide range of content. As the opening paragraph alluded to, this week’s blog is going to largely be financially-focused. We’ll be discussing a handful of wedding budget mistakes that you’re going to want to avoid when planning your special day.

Keep reading for 5 wedding budget mistakes to avoid, and our top tips on what you should be doing instead!

Tip #1 - Getting started - Make Sure to Have a Plan!

Before you have your wedding day, you need a wedding plan! When it comes to successful wedding planning, you’re obviously going to need to have a plan established, right? In addition to having a to-do list set for when you’ll complete various tasks, you’ll want to have a total budgetary number early on too. Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily have to be an exact number, but it should represent pretty close to the total amount that you feel comfortable spending for the wedding celebration. A key part of planning is also knowing if anyone else will be paying for part of the ceremony/reception (for example, parents, relatives, etc.), you should have an estimate of how much each party is willing to pay. Failure to get this set in stone early can result in some awkward conversations later on and most likely some unnecessary stress! Further, you should know that there are always some last second costs that will pop up; planning ahead for potential spending emergencies will allow you to move forward with confidence!

SOLUTION: Okay- so it might seem awkward- but have conversations with family and get an idea of who is willing to help with the wedding planning and expenses. You might be pleasantly surprised :) No matter the outcome you will know where you are starting and that will be a huge help!

Tip #2 - Don’t Give In to Societal “Traditions or Trends”

Planning on Pinterest can be a slippery slope to your budget! You will face all sorts of pressure when planning your wedding: pressure to conform to tradition, what your peers are doing, and what you see in magazines. If you don’t like cake, then don’t have a wedding cake just because it’s “tradition.” Don’t buy into wedding trends if they aren’t your thing, either. And finally, don’t give in to the pressure to imitate previous weddings you’ve attended. This is your special day; don’t spend large amounts of money on things that don’t bring you joy.

SOLUTION: This is why having a plan is so important and the reason we love weddings! Each and every wedding day at Venue 1902 is perfectly tailored to the individual couple! We love the sweet and simple as much as the over the top glamorous weddings, because each wedding is that couple's perfect day! We can help you find ways to make your budget stretch. With the amazing packages offered at Venue 1902- and so much included you are already on your way to maximizing your budget!

Tip #3 - Make sure to Prioritize Your "Must Haves"

It can be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of wedding planning without stopping to think about your vision for the day. Many couples will start working their way through their checklist of booking suppliers and making purchases in no particular order, without actually delegating their budget according to priority. This can mean having to make sacrifices at a later stage when you realize you can’t afford that live band you’ve had your heart set on, or the cocktail station you were so excited about.

SOLUTION: Take some time to sit down with your partner and create a priority list for your wedding day, working through each element in order of most important to least. By doing this, you can prepare the bills and ensure your perfect Venue 1902 wedding is everything you dreamed about.

Tip #4 - Always Tracking Your Expenses

As you go through the event planning process, make sure that you are keeping your budget updated. While its much more fun to focus on what you want to have, it’s crucial to know how much you have spent. This will allow you to ensure you get to have the most important events/experiences at your wedding. Further, if an event were to happen that might require a change in the budget, you can make the changes with confidence because you already know how much you have spent.

SOLUTION: Create either an excel or document that has all the information about each purchase you or someone has made for your wedding. This makes it clear exactly where you stand and what has been done. This also ensures that you avoid double booking anything or buying extra items you might not ever need. For example- we had a Mother of the Groom show up with a guest book- the couple had already purchased an item for that purpose. The guest book was never used and subsequently left behind unopened.

Tip #5 - Stay Flexible

We all have our dream wedding in mind and the plans of perfection. Realizing there are ways to get the look for less. Try not to get so hung up on an "exact". Maybe you have a certain flower variety in mind for your bouquet, or a 10 tier wedding cake has always been your dream. It’s great to have a defined wedding vision and a clear idea of how you want the day to run, but don’t get stuck in the trap of being inflexible. Because if it turns out that something is unavailable, out of season, or simply too expensive – it’s just not going to work within your budget. And trying to make it work can be a costly and time-consuming exercise!

SOLUTION: Be open to alternatives, you might find a lower price option you loved even more! Consider a day of the week other than Saturday- and Just remember even if you can't fly to New York and source a custom wedding dress, or your dream flower is out of season there will be plenty of amazing alternatives available for you to fall back on! After all, your wedding is a day to celebrate your marriage, and it will be your perfect day, no matter what. The Venue 1902 team will be with you all the way to help and ensure you will have your best day ever!

Are you ready to start wedding planning?

We hope we have offered you some helpful tips that will help you conquer the wedding budget woes! Historic Venue 1902 believes everyone deserves a beautiful wedding day no matter what their budget, which is why we offer three different packages and weekday pricing along with our flexible catering options to accommodate the budget of any couple. Venue1902 is conveniently located just outside of Orlando in the beautiful Historic district of Sanford. We have been honored and privileged to host hundreds of weddings

and celebrate so much love, We would love to show you everything Venue 1902 has to offer. To Schedule a tour you can text or call 407-986-8600. In the meantime feel free to check out our Instagram page.


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