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2021 Wedding Trends- Lounge Seating, Hedge Walls and Signature Drinks, Oh My!

Happy 2021! Whether you are just starting your wedding planning journey, or starting to get those final details in place, seeing the up-and-coming 2021 wedding trends can always bring some fresh new ideas and

inspire some planning fun! Check out how we at Venue 1902 have seen these trends used in our historic space.

-Lounge Seating-

Lounge seating areas are great for cocktail hour, giving guests a chance to have a more intimate setting to chat while you and your new spouse are amid pictures or greeting your wedding attendees! Using different pieces of vintage furniture, you can create unique photo opportunities, great conversation pieces, and express your unique style. At Venue 1902, you can choose from a selection from our vintage furniture market, or partner with any of our amazing Décor companies of your choice and have their décor team help to create a truly special addition to your day.

Hedge Walls-

Hedge walls can add some serious character to your ceremony, or even your seating chart! With so many ways to customize how these beauties look, you can even create one as a photo backdrop for guests to use throughout the day to capture a unique and special look that will WOW your guest and create special memories.


-Custom Cocktails as Décor-

Signature cocktails are not new to cocktail hour- but taking the opportunity to create a sign featuring your beverage of choice and turning it into a stunning cocktail hour décor piece is a great way to feature even more of your personality as a couple!

At Venue 1902, our incredible staff will work with you to bring your vision of your perfect day to life with new trends and classic details. Book a tour with us today so we can help bring your wedding to life!

We cannot wait for you to say I do at Venue 1902 !


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